Cory S Powers

Cory S Powers's educational journey began in Marietta, Georgia, where he attended his local high school before venturing outside the Atlanta metropolitan area for college. He pursued his studies at Ferris State University, renowned for its commitment to securing exceptional futures for students. With a thirst for knowledge, Cory continues to expand his skills through independent study and valuable educational courses. He takes pride in his craftsmanship, honing his talent for building and repairing items, all while sharing his expertise with others.

Known for his exceptional management, salesmanship, and operational proficiency, Cory is highly regarded within Jackson and Associates. He upholds the company's strong family values and works tirelessly to improve lives through the shared love of sports. His professional skills encompass teamwork, commercial and residential sales, community development, day-to-day administration, operational efficiency, personnel management, specification design, staff scheduling, strategy implementation, and more. Clients benefit from his turnkey solutions, which blend a keen eye for design with a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing processes.